The coolest Christmas

I wanted them very much. But they were too expensive, that is, the ones I wanted most, so I didn't count on them. Whether I had imagined anyone from the family that he had sacrificed so much money for me, it always came to me that nobody did. My disappointment and hard thinking, how to arrange it, was so strong that I wondered where I would take the money myself. I wanted a cycle tretras that cost fifteen thousand crowns. In addition, I just didn't. Eventually, the whole family folded up and I spent my most amazing Christmas.
Never more
We had a fairly decent bike ride. She was not afraid to go down a steep hill, and was able to avoid the potential and unexpected danger. So I rightly thought that to borrow from my younger brother's cycling shoes is the best idea in the world. Not long ago, however, it turned out how much I revalued my abilities and my brother's saying that it must be able to do this with this jar, it was true. So, never again!

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