Moms always Know

Philip had no idea what to do. He did not know that his mother could react so calmly, so his heart was still pounding when Matěj embraced him and kissed him briefly on his lips. He whispered his greeting, and Philip had only very shakingly reciprocated; At the moment he was interested in his mother's reaction more than his cute friend. He was therefore the mother of a rustic kitchen, which was dominated by a fireplace opposite the kitchen line.
Loving mother
He asked gently and cautiously if everything was right. If he's not angry with him or if he doesn't want to talk. Matthew, of course, could hear them, but he decided to pretend he was looking at a beautiful fireplace. The mother told him, of course, that she had known for a long time. And that he has nothing to fear, because Matěj seems very respectable and good boy.

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