Get yourself a new piece!

You have a home already fully equipped, but still want to add something to it? You don't have to buy a whole set of solid furniture, but just a bit. If you choose a cabinet or table, or a shelf made of this wood, it will fully fit your other equipment. Wood can be combined really with anything. Whether it's at home matched to different colors, you can build a new piece anywhere, as it will be color-coded all over the place.
Drawings, knots
Do you love originality? Get your home pieces that are made by hand work and not by machine. For example, get into the living room a locker that will have the original artwork, and will create in the house a great still-life. To illuminate your house, get a wood of lighter shades. If you prefer darker, you choose a darker material. Well you do not enjoy the idea that you will have a home Indian wood?

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