Exoticism with the smell of chocolate?

Are you really convinced that chocolate is consumed only in the form of cubes, which you will dispense after a Sunday lunch, grated on cups or melted into a form of icing? Let us use the Kaufland leaflet, which offers a variety of food, but also regularly delivers excellent recipes that can diversify your homemade meal, let us convince you of the broader use of a variety of ingredients, such as Just chocolate. Don't believe? Try adding chocolate to a warm meal, the main meal of the day, but definitely do not expect sweet cuisine!

Meat, beans and chocolate?
Yes, you read well. Meat, beans, chocolate. An absolute shopping classic, if we draw from the regular offer leaflet Kaufland. And these all raw materials will belong to one pot. And the result will bear the name that you surely know well-chili con carne. Do not be afraid to let you get home a little Latin American temperament, you will not regret. This food is ingenious not only by a combination of tastes, but also by the simplicity of preparation, when you simply prepare everything in one pot.

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